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"Experience the captivating Dia de los Muertos festivities by the San Angelo Hispanic Heritage Museum. Immerse yourself in this vibrant Mexican tradition of honoring ancestors through elaborate altars, marigold decorations, and joyful gatherings. Discover the significance of sugar skulls, pan de muerto, and vibrant calacas on San Angelo Hispanic Heritage-Dia de los Muertos. Join our community in celebrating unity, heritage, and the colorful spirit of Dia de los Muertos."

Dia de los Muertos recap

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5K/10K & 5K/1M Sign up

Dia de los Muertos Car Show

Dia de los Muertos Vendor Sign Up

Catrin/Catrina Contest

Personal Family Altars

Purchase a space to create your own family ofrenda.  You will be provided a 6 foot table.  Limited space. $50

Art Exhibition

Local artists are invited to test their talents in creating meaningful and unique artforms related to Dia de los Muertos. 

Floral Ofrenda's

Purchase an ofrenda to place at the community altar in memory of a past loved one.

$10, $20


Participate in workshops  creating paper flowers, creating floral crown, ceramic activity, painting sugar skulls and more!

Alebrije Ceramic Workshop

$15 Supplies provided

2023 schedule of events

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