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San Angelo Hispanic Heritage Month Awards

"The San Angelo Hispanic Heritage Museum is proud to introduce three distinguished awards to be presented for the very first time at our upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet. The Carolina Angela de la Garza Dewitt Legend Award,' 'Captain Albert Tijerina Jr. Trailblazer Award,' and the 'Eva Camunez Tucker Service Award,' embody the spirit of our heritage, unity, and the remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on our community. These awards serve as a powerful testament to the importance of recognizing and honoring those whose contributions have enriched our cultural legacy. By celebrating these outstanding individuals, we not only pay homage to their dedication but also underscore the significance of preserving and perpetuating our vibrant Hispanic culture. These awards represent the legacy we create when we uplift and honor those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to the betterment of our community."


Angela de la Garza.jpg

The Carolina Angela de la Garza Dewitt Legend Award


This esteemed recognition pays tribute to an extraordinary individual of Hispanic heritage who has significantly contributed to the development and cultural richness of San Angelo, Texas. Named after Carolina Angela de la Garza Dewitt, the wife of the city's founder and the visionary behind its name, this award acknowledges those who embody her legacy of innovation, community dedication, and lasting positive impact. This honoree has the accomplishments of a true legend, whose spirit continues to shape and inspire our city's identity.

The Captain Albert Tijerina Jr. Trailblazer Award 


This esteemed accolade is dedicated to honoring the outstanding contributions of a rising Hispanic individual who is making a significant impact on the fabric of San Angelo, Texas.  The award is a tribute to the legacy of Captain Albert Tijerina Jr., a trailblazing figure who exemplified determination, leadership and unwavering commitment to both his community and country.  This honoree exemplifies courage, dedication, and a pioneering spirit.

The Eva Camunez Tucker Service Award


This distinguished accolade is dedicated to recognizing the remarkable volunteerism of a Hispanic individual within the San Angelo Hispanic Heritage Museum, whose efforts stand as a beacon of commitment to honoring and preserving the rich Hispanic culture in our beloved San Angelo, Texas.  We celebrate the Eva Camunez Tucker Service Award, a fitting homage to a woman whose legacy radiates through every act of kindness and compassion. Through this award, we honor those who, like Eva, have dared to care, who have dedicated their time, energy, and passion to elevate the Hispanic culture in San Angelo. This honoree embodies the spirit of stewardship, kindness, and community-building.

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